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Bail agents and companies in California are regulated by the California Department of Insurance. Per the filed rates allowed by the Department of Insurance, the premium of a bail bond in California, is 10% of the bail amount.

Each state and county sets their bail schedule and the bail schedule is non-negotiable. Bail schedules vary from county to county, but the premium (10%) is the same state wide, for all companies. If the bail for an arrestee is set at $50,000, then the cost to bail the arrestee out of jail is $5,000.

The cost of a bail bond is set by law, beware of any California bail bond services offering illegal bail bonds such as 5% or less. They either are violating the state insurance code or may be advertising that rate for just the down payment.

We provide flexible payment options tailored to your specific needs. We accept payments of cash or credit card and can provide financing for qualified customers.